About us and the invisible world

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 Esoteric science divides all Being into seven planes of energy, each one with a different vibratory rate and different density, and also with specific laws of the movement of energy.

 Each plane is subdivided into seven sub-planes. We must know and always remember that these planes are not positioned one above the other but merge into one another, and each plane of a higher level contains the lower planes and spreads beyond them. We can get a vague idea of this from the Russian nested dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other, but the energy planes are intertwined and each is permeated by the others.

1. Physical plane.

This is the densest plane, and is crеated First. It has the lowest vibratory rate of energy as compared with the other six planes. The main element, the main principle of the movement of energy there, is earth (crystallised forms). So this is primarily a plane of the form. Here matter is subject to the law of gravitation, and distance and time are factors governing existence. According to the esoteric teaching, the physical plane is made up of a chemical region and an etheric region, the first one is perceived and the second one is not perceived by the senses. The chemical region is the basis of all dense forms, and the etheric region is the vehicle of the forces that breathe vitality into these forms. On the physical plane hard bodies are the densest, then come liquids, gases and the ether which exists in four different states (chemical ether, ether of life, reflective ether, and luminous ether). The chemical ether is the vehicle of the forces which assimilate the nutrients and discard the unnecessary ones in the organisms of plants, animals and humans. The ether of life is the vehicle of the reproductive forces. The luminous ether creates all the colourings in the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom. It is the vehicle of the forces generating the blood in animals and humans and moving the fluids in plants. Through the luminous ether we have sense perception. And the highest ether – the reflective ether - is the storehouse of the memory of nature and man. It is the ether that allows higher planes to influence the physical form.

2. The desire plane (Astral plane)

merges into the physical plane and spreads beyond it. This is the plane of desires, emotions and soul forces (of animals, humans, and lower spiritual beings) which manifest as radiating colour forms. In this sense, the desire plane is primarily a plane of colours. Here the dominant element, the principle of the movement of energy, is water – energy is in constant flow, ‘liquid‘, and takes various forms. On this plane there is no heat or cold, and distance and time hardly exist. The desire plane is subject to two great forces – attraction and distraction. The three lower sub-planes, where coarse passions and wishes exist, are dominated by the force of distraction. For this reason when two crude forms meet (e.g. two evils), instead of joining together, they act as mutually destructive, and thus the evil in the world is kept within sensible limits. The three higher sub-planes, where spiritual activities of higher vibratory rates exist (altruism, sacrifice, duty, etc.), are dominated by the force of attraction. The two forces, attraction and distraction, are activated by the central region – the region of emotions. Here the interest or disinterest in a subject or idea tilts the scales towards the side of one of the two forces. In this way we go down into the lower sub-planes or go up into the higher sub-planes of the desire plane.

3. The plane of thought (Mental plane)

merges into the desire plane and into the physical plane and spreads beyond them. Just like the other planes, it is constituted of seven sub-planes with different densities and qualities. These are grouped in two large regions – the region of concrete thought and the region of abstract thought. In the three lower subdivisions, comprising the region of concrete thought, there are all archetypes of the forms on the physical plane and the desire plane (prototypes of emotions, vitality and physical forms). The fourth subdivision, which belongs to the same region, houses the human mind and archetypal forces forming matter. This central subdivision is the focus through which Spirit is reflected in matter. The three higher subdivisions, comprising the region of abstract thought, contain embryonic ideas of physical forms. The mental plane is primarily a plane of tones (harmonious vibrations). A specific sound produces a concrete colour and form. The forms in our physical world are crystallised sounds and colours. They are an expression of the forces working in the invisible worlds.

4. Buddhic plane.

Each planet in the Solar System has three such planes merging into one another. The fourth plane fills up the interplanetary space and at the same time merges into the individual planets. This is what connects us with the other planets in the Solar System. This plane is the vehicle of the spirit of life – the Creative Imagination.

Here the true memory of nature is stored.

5. Spiritual plane.

In the same manner the fifth plane of energy, merging into all lower planes, links us with other solar systems. This plane is the vehicle of the Divine Spirit – the Creative Will.

6. Divine plane. This plane is also composed of seven sub-planes. These are seven streams of energy vibrating in varying frequencies – seven Rays of Life differentiated in God before their journey into matter. They contain the embryonic Supreme Consciousness, just like the seed contains the possible paths of development of the plant. Initially their consciousness is the Divine Omniscience. During their long journey down through the ever denser matter, the pure Spirits are gradually moving away from the First Cause and attaining ‘individualised’ consciousness. We call this ‘the period of involution’. During this period they, at will, individually and creatively are mastering matter on all planes until they themselves become creator gods.

This process is not mere transmutation of potential energy into kinetic but a conscious process. During this stage of development the original creative activity of Spirit – the Creative Will - expresses itself, and it is what makes the evolution of a human being different from the evolution of any other life form.

7. Logoic plane.

The plane of God. It permeates the six lower planes and spreads beyond them. This is universal energy which, according to esotericism, is Perfect Intelligent Power. Its essence has three major aspects – Will, Wisdom, and Activity. Drawing up a plan of a future universe takes creative will which, through the power of imagination, creates an idea of this universe. Afterwards the idea must be realised, i.e. activity must take place. This, of course, is not enough – it also takes wisdom that will govern this movement so that it will be systematic and successful. This is the plane of unconditional love which contains the universal information field.

The merging of planes into one another allows the physical plane to receive all that it needs. Man is a microcosm and, analogously, contains the seven planes. Miracles are possible only if we have strong will to make them happen, to transcend the ego, and to be aware that we are one with creation.


The human being and its bodies

The esoteric tradition describes the human being as a composite of seven bodies, six of which are invisible to the human eye. These are:

  1. Physical body;
  2. Emotional body;
  3. Mental body;
  4. Intuitional/compassionate body;
  5. Desire/spiritual body;
  6. Soul body;
  7. Divine body.

They are composed of energy vibrating at various rates, each rate corresponding to a specific level and having different functions. So each level or body is the vehicle for expressing different states of consciousness.

Physical body:

All bodies have higher and lower levels. In the case of the physical body we can easily see the lower form due to its density. The physical body is a living mechanism through which our higher bodies and our individual consciousness express themselves, and our individual consciousness is also able to intentionally transmute energies. Our bodies serve as transmuters of energy.

Its highest form is the etheric body which does not manifest in a denser form but represents a web of energy that can absorb light and higher energies so as to energise and heal the lower physical body. The etheric body is like a wrapper of the physical body. Therefore, it is sometimes called ‘etheric double’. The strong and well-developed etheric body helps us to be and feel more vital. When we block our physical body, we also block the expression of our higher bodies. We can feel or think a lot, but if we refrain from expressing ourselves or acting, we feel dissatisfaction which causes yet more problems. Many problems manifesting in the physical body, such as pain, ailments or diseases, reveal what is going on in the physical body when the blockages prevent the higher bodies from expressing. For example, an ulcer caused by stress because anger and dissatisfaction are not released; constipation developed because emotionally or mentally we do not want to let go of something; problems with the liver caused by inaction in the spiritual aspects of life. Cancer is a revolt of the cells. They can no longer serve their true purpose and become unmanageable. There are many more examples of the stressed body. The physical body is constituted of cells which have their own individualities and must be under our conscious control but exercised with loving care. The more we talk to our cells and send love to them, the more efficiently our physical body functions.

Emotional body

This is where our emotions are. This is where we feel anger or dissatisfaction when our needs are not met. Here we learn to give and express love and care by satisfying our need to be in connection with others. It is very important that our attitude towards others be based on goodness because any conflict causes blockages in the physical body and it cannot function efficiently. The emotional body is very demanding, and it wants its needs to be met in various other ways, if not directly. When it is unable to express itself, it may seek to keep its balance by smoking, overeating, irrational behaviour, or some other self-indulgence. On this level emotions can clash, can be strongly affected by the subconscious and by the higher bodies’ desires and responses to information. This body expresses itself as emotion, such as pleasure, excitement, and emotional pain. It is important that we be responsible ‘to’ and ‘for’ our emotions so as to be in direct contact with them. This body is directly connected with the divine body and if we cannot maintain this connection, the fault is ours and only ours. If we succeed in doing so, we feel unconditional love and care.

Mental body

The mental body contains energy vibrating at a frequency similar to that of the creative power in the cosmos. Through that body we think, contemplate, analyse, know. The ego lives on a mental level and is responsible for the development of the personality (physical, emotional and mental). If it does not allow energy and insights to flow from the higher bodies for guidance, serious blockages occur, and diseases as a result. The ideal way of developing our ego is to open ourselves to the higher bodies, to allow the Higher Self and soul to permeate us, to let our spirit express itself freely. Then the ego turns into a channel for powerful vibrations through which our spiritual bodies (intuitional/compassionate, desire/spiritual and divine) are in pure communication with all the other bodies. Sometimes the mental body seeks to suffocate the expression of the emotional body and the physical body. The higher form of the mental body gives genius faculties and is the connection with the universal reason. The connection with the personality ends with the mental body. The aspects of this connection are manifested in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Intuitional/Compassionate body

This is the first of the four bodies that we believe to make up our spiritual being. It is a vehicle for communicating with the universal reason which gives us insights and understanding and is also a source of abstract thinking, unlike the concrete logical thinking of the mental body. The intuitional body is also the body of understanding and compassion. It is sometimes called the Buddhic body, after the compassionate Buddha. We may feel compassion on this level because of the understanding gained on the same level which houses intuition and compassion. The higher level of this body gives us a strong feeling of being connected with all other human beings. On this level there is no feeling of individualisation. When we feel one with all humanity, then our connection with this body has been brought to a conscious level.

Desire/Spiritual body

Poorly understood, the desire/spiritual body is where we express our spirit and will. It is the body through which we balance our karma because everything that comes from this region is charged with enormous power. This too is the body that is able to impose its will on all the other bodies. It is that source of energy which encourages us to move ahead when we have exhausted all our energy. The desire/spiritual body is where sex is housed. There our electromagnetic models find expression by looking for the opposite pole. The search for our half is not morally expressed here, but is a matter of physical attunement. This need for being in unity with the opposite pole may be expressed through sex, but in fact it is the vibrational exchange between the seven bodies of the two partners. Looking for a partner actually expresses the stabilisation of the connections with creation. It is our form of ‘connectedness’ with all in creation. This body plays the lead role in fertilisation. Any mistakes in the ‘connectedness’ will cause defects in the embryo. It is important that during conception the two parents should be harmonious and synchronous. They have to be well prepared on a physical level for this process.

Soul body

This body is the house of the soul. When the soul body is fully developed, it becomes a reservoir of soul energy which infuses the organism with power and brings it up to higher levels (from solar to galactic, or from galactic to cosmic, etc.). On this level we attain the essence of our ‘I AM’ Presence. Here we are not affected by hardships or successes – We simply Are. When the higher level is developed, we move in life as unbiased and free beings. The karmic programme and all that is happening to the personality are of no importance here. It is wonderful when we can feel our deep true essence and its immanent connection with cosmic creation.

Divine body

This body is our most direct point of contact with Higher Reason. When we have had a high growth on this level, we begin to feel our oneness with God and with the entire Universe as a possibility for action. When all bodies are saturated with the flow of the divine body, the individual exhibits abilities beyond what we believe to be the human potential. For instance, the abilities demonstrated by Jesus – levitate, dematerialise/materialise the body, bring it back to life.

Each body contains all the lower bodies, just like the Russian wooden dolls, except during out-of-body travel. The emotional body, sometimes called ‘astral body’, is most frequently used for out-of-body travel. Usually this is happening while we are asleep. The link is not severed and is maintained by the so called ‘silver cord’ by which the astral body is connected to the physical body. When our awareness increases, we are able to use our higher bodies for travel. But with these bodies the method is hologram projection. These travels are intended to obtain information that can be useful for the evolution of humanity. Each one of our bodies develops its own consciousness and its own ‘mind’. The bodies must learn to share energies and solutions so as to live together. The energy concentrated in one or two bodies shows that these bodies dominate the control over the entire system. If people are mainly focused on their emotional bodies, they will almost entirely react on an emotional level. If they function on a mental level, their reaction will be driven by the mind. This way of functioning constrains us and makes us feel discontent. Knowing, harmonising and synchronising our bodies should be one of the main objectives of our active consciousness.