How do the Entities work?

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Usually we turn to the Entities at the Casa when we have serious physical problems which the traditional medicine cannot resolve. If we knew how to communicate with the spirit realms, we could be proactive and would not end up having severe physical blockages. Moreover, we would feel the need to actively participate in the process of self-awareness and self-control. Regrettably, most people have not yet realised all this. I meet many and different kinds of people and the majority of them believe that someone else is obliged to repair them if they pay for that. They do not want to understand that no one is in a position to solve their problems if they themselves do not initiate changes. I also meet other people who walk a spiritual path with confidence and bravery. Thank you for being in this world! You are living examples for the rest.

 Most often the Entities at the Casa send corrective information directly into the etheric body because this is the fastest way of getting access to the physical body. Most people accept this information with faith and desire for change; they open their minds and start seeking and expecting help also for the other bodies which make up the personality. The intention for a thorough change of the personality is very important. The main thing is your active attitude towards healing. Diseases come to us for karmic reasons or because we have done enough to cause them. In both cases we are those who must fight for ourselves and should not wait for someone else to step in and solve our problems with a magic wand. The Entities are capable of doing this and they work on a spiritual level too, but they help only those who want to understand the "cause and effect" relationship.