When do the Entities help?

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The Entities do not refuse help. Everyone receives treatment but in full observance of the universal laws. For the Entities information is a type of energy which attracts similar energy. In this sense, if we want to receive healing information, we must build similar energy in us. The easiest and fastest way to do so is the prayer filled with deep faith and love for the Entities which we expect to help us. In other words, we receive just as much healing as we have wished for with deep faith, love and gratitude. The Bible says “Ask and ye shall receive!”.

Therefore, this type of treatment is not appropriate to anyone. There are many cured patients with very serious diagnoses or with trivial unresolved health issues. Here the proponents of the Law of Karma may say that only those who are unencumbered with karma will be helped. In truth, our deep conscious faith in healing does influence the decisions of the soul and it may ask for a change in the programme. Or the programme itself may include healing in this particular manner. As we are not certain and we do not know exactly how things stand, we have a duty to ourselves to turn to the invisible worlds for help. What happens through João proves that these invisible realms do exist and can be of help to us when we are unable to manage alone.