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I am Karmen Lazarova.Hearler Carmen Lazarova

On 30.12.1981, I completed a PSY-operator course at the Institute of Psychoorientology in Laredo, Texas. The course opened to me a door to the infinite world lying within me. By end 1982, I had completed all levels of the Silva method – a method of self mind control – including the highest-level healers course. I was personally instructed by Jose Silva in the techniques of transmitting energy by special movements of the hands as well as mentally transferring bioenergy created by me to aid in the healing of various illnesses.

By practising these skills on myself I succeeded in 3 years to heal myself from cervical uterine cancer.   

During the long self-healing process I became familiar with various alternative methods and practices; however the basic knowledge of myself and the Universe I got through my involvement with the Kardem Project. The Project deals with information which is prepared and telepathically transmitted to the inhabitants of planet Earth by highly evolved Beings of extraterrestrial origin organised and led by Fabian Kardem from Alpha Centauri who already in the 1950s began to channel through Mrs Marla from Mexico the scientific fundamentals of the Universe and man. Part of this knowledge can be found on various pages of this website. I participate in the European Kardem Project as No 147.

In early 1980s, I was actively involved in organising the gatherings of the first Spanish group for studying the philosophy and ideas of the Universal White Brotherhood under the direct instructions of the great Ascended Master Saint Germain. I learnt to activate the Triune Flame which is anchored in the heart of every person and which holds the core three attributes of God: the Power of Will, Divine Perfection and Wisdom, and the Power of Love.

Since 1993, I’ve been leading a group of Silva Method graduates in Sofia, Bulgaria who meet on Mondays to practise self-control and relaxation techniques together so as to support each other and be of help to all seeking help for health or other personal problems. The basic condition I set to everyone attending is that they participate actively in the process.

Since 2007, I’ve been a daughter of the Casa de Dom Inácio (the house of St. Ignatius Loyola) in Abadiânia, Brazil, where the greatest trance medium of our time Joao de Deus and the Spiritual Healers incorporated in his body heal people all over the world from all kinds of illnesses. Since 13 March 2008, I have been a medium and an authorised Casa guide.

Since 14 October 2010, I have been member of the Sandhi Murti association and training this contactless martial art which helps me best to organise my own energy sources (chakras), generate and channel in the healthiest way possible my life force (kundalini). 


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Welcome to site Carmen

What kind of help can we receive at the Casa?

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From experience I found out that we had best travel to Brazil for three weeks. In this way you can take nine healing sessions, and you are immersed in a completely different world where over these three weeks you could thoroughly change your world view and perspective on life. The first thing that you lose at the Casa is the fear of death and the feeling of unprotectedness. The people experience peacefulness, emanate harmony, and release enough thought energy which can work in a positive creative manner. The majority of people feel they are being in contact with the Entities all the time.

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What can we expect of the Seminars?

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The seminars must observe the law of the country where they are held. This year in Vienna the visible operations and the herbs were prohibited. This was confirmed one day before the beginning of the seminar and many people felt deceived. João de Deus was not to blame for that situation. To the very last moment the organisers had been trying to reach a compromising solution.

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The causes of diseases

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Today even traditional medicine admits that not less than 75% of all diseases are psychosomatic, i.e. they have both physical, and emotional or mental causes.

There have always been people trying to give metaphysical explanations for all diseases and ailments, i.e. to attribute them to factors acting outside the physical plane.

Diseases come for two main reasons: one is physical – unhealthy eating habits and wrong breathing; and the other one is psychic – negative thoughts and emotions.

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