The causes of diseases

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Today even traditional medicine admits that not less than 75% of all diseases are psychosomatic, i.e. they have both physical, and emotional or mental causes.

There have always been people trying to give metaphysical explanations for all diseases and ailments, i.e. to attribute them to factors acting outside the physical plane.

Diseases come for two main reasons: one is physical – unhealthy eating habits and wrong breathing; and the other one is psychic – negative thoughts and emotions.

The eating and breathing issue can be solved easily because the reasons are clearer. There are quite enough eating practices and breathing techniques that have proved their efficiency.

The issue of negative thoughts and emotions is a lot more complicated. Many diseases are caused by confusion of emotions, and a large number of them are also caused by confusion of the mind. When a disease is caused by mental confusion, it affects the muscular system and the lungs. When the confusion is more of an emotional nature, the illness affects the heart, the liver, the respiratory system or the blood vessels. The negative thoughts of an individual penetrate the central nervous system, and the negative emotions hit the sympathetic nervous system. Discordant actions driven by negative thoughts and emotions, or both, disturb the muscular and skeletal systems.

When our body starts speaking in the language of diseases, it is trying to make us aware of and change our thinking or actions. Suffering, it is telling us that we have reached our physical, emotional or mental limit, and we need to get rid of our personal destructive beliefs and convictions.

Every illness creates a possibility for rebalancing the soul. The cause of a disease must be looked for not only in the physical body. The physical body is reflecting what is going on in the soul, obeying the karmic programme. At the same time wrong behaviour patterns coming from the active consciousness can also be the cause of serious illnesses. Every disease only signals that the body is trying to restore its balance as its most natural state is health.

The energy in the aura circulates following specific laws. There are distribution points through which energy is supplied to the body. These points are called chakras. There are seven major chakras supplying energy to all organs of the body. All organs receive energy depending on their proximity to a certain chakra. Additional exchange of energy circulates along the meridians (energy channels).

If the body is built by energy, then there must be something which governs this energy, and this is Information, which in this case is Thought. Thought is able to change the movement, direction and creation of the flows of energy.

Every second energy is coming from the Cosmos into our bodies as a constant unvarying flow. As it flows into the chakra system, through the meridians, the energy is distributed among the organs and systems, sustaining their life functions. Our consciousness is like a filter sieving the energy into the chakras. When the consciousness is clear, pure, the energy flows freely into the chakra, without any distortions. If the consciousness is distorted for some reason, the flow of energy is distorted and enters the chakra unevenly, in varying amounts. And depending on this unevenness and which chakra is depleted of energy, there are disruptions in the organs which this chakra is supplying with energy. The function of this organ is disturbed.

What is pure consciousness? We are born with pure consciousness. Over time we fall victim to ideas, dogmas and stereotypes which make us view the cosmos through a distorting mirror. We should listen to our inner voice as it never lies. It speaks from pure knowledge. The Bible says that if we obey the Ten Commandments, we will be in the bosom of God. A life full of love and respect for others, with no lies or ulterior motives, will definitely clear our consciousness and sustain the natural flow of energy in the body. Using the power of prays and forgiveness is another way of correcting the distorted flow of energy. Today there is a wide range of techniques for restoring the free flow of energy in the body. Energetic exercises and practices are very effective as they require an active attitude on our part.