What kind of help can we receive at the Casa?

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From experience I found out that we had best travel to Brazil for three weeks. In this way you can take nine healing sessions, and you are immersed in a completely different world where over these three weeks you could thoroughly change your world view and perspective on life. The first thing that you lose at the Casa is the fear of death and the feeling of unprotectedness. The people experience peacefulness, emanate harmony, and release enough thought energy which can work in a positive creative manner. The majority of people feel they are being in contact with the Entities all the time.

When you step into the main hall of the Casa, your eyes are caught by the big wooden triangle. It is used for communication with the Entities. You may tuck a photograph for distant healing or a note into its bottom. You can simply say a prayer asking the Entities for help. The triangle at the Casa represents the triunity of Love (tolerance, respect and goodness), Charity (care for the community), and Truth. The Entity Dr.Valdivino said ‘The triangle symbolises the sacred family, and the centre is the ever-present One God’.

While at the Casa, you and all the rest participate in a powerful exchange of energetic information. It would be good for you and for all if you could keep up a maximally positive attitude, and feel and emanate love for all. Dr.Augusto says that once we have walked into the Casa, we must be a true example of goodness and tolerance.

As soon as you have arrived at the Casa, you must write in your own words a request for overall protection for the time you are to spend in Abadiania and address it to the Entities. Write down your full name, the name of the hotel you are staying at, the room number. This protection is of the utmost importance, especially if you are to receive a surgical intervention. Place this request in the triangle or in the post box.

Before standing in front of João, you must join a meditation led by the other mediums (a group of mediums works with João at the Casa). The meditation is intended to harmonise and tune you in. Your participation in this meditation may contribute to the overall flow of healing energy. Even here you can sense someone already working on you. Do not worry if you are not used to participating in a group meditation. Here the energy is so potent that you will be in alignment very soon. Here your heart will start pulsating with the vibration of unconditional love.

The Entities are capable of seeing our energy fields and have access to all our karmic history. They decide when and with what they will help us. They may decide to remove a minor issue that is not the one concerning us the most if our soul does not agree with the intervention. Before travelling to the Casa, it is imperative that you repeatedly ask your Soul and your Higher Self to change your karmic programme and allow maximum healing.

If the Entities decide that you need a visible operation, they can do it. They have worked all kinds of miracles, operating with João’s hand. At the Casa there is no typical operating room. Everything happens in an ordinary room, with no special scalpels, no anaesthetic, no sterilisation. Most often the people are standing and feel wonderful during the interventions. There is no reported case of infection after such an intervention. All that happens during these operations would be merely unthinkable if the Entities were not participating. You may not have visible surgery if you are over 50 years of age.

If the Entities decide so, you can have an invisible operation. Actually most people coming to the Casa have such interventions. You might get a scar as if you have had a visible operation. Occasionally the Entities leave a scar as a mark for the individual to believe that he has had an operation. People have had interventions while they were in the garden, in their hotel rooms, or while eating a bowl of blessed soup.

After both types of surgery you must rest for at least 24 hours, staying in your hotel room. After the intervention is complete, you will stay in the recovery room for a while. Then, all by yourself, you take a taxi back to your hotel. There are special taxis having the required energy protection which is necessary right after an intervention. The pousadas (hotels) are specially built for the people coming to the Casa and offer all that is needed for your stay in Abadiania. Bear in mind that after an intervention you might feel some discomfort which would usually disappear by the next morning. The 24-hour rest is required because during the intervention the Entities considerably open your energy field so that they can treat you better. Afterwards it takes one day and one night for the aura to restore. Do not fear this. All the time you enjoy full protection and no one can influence you negatively.

For seven days after an intervention, visible or invisible, you must treat yourself as if you have just come out of the operating room in a hospital. You must rest as much as possible, i.e. you must assure maximum comfort for your body and mind. On the seventh night after your intervention you will have sensations of stitches being removed. That night place a glass of blessed water by your bedside and ask the Entities to remove any stitches. Stay lying peacefully and wait for the ‘manipulation‘. Drink up the water and visualise your entire body filling with healing energy and each cell being in perfect health.

The Entities demand that you be on a special diet after an intervention and during the time you are taking herbal supplements. Refrain from eating spicy foods, pork, black pepper, and from drinking alcohol.

Refrain from having sex for 40 days after a first operation and for 8 days after any following operation. This is needed because your body must use the energy for healing to the maximum extent possible. Avoid any strenuous physical exercises and do not lift more than 3 kilograms at least for two weeks.

If no operation is performed on you, this does not imply that you are terminally ill or the Entities refuse to cure you. The Entities have merely decided it is best for you to sink deeper in the field of healing energy at the Casa. It is very potent and you should spend as much time in it as possible.

The Entities may prescribe herbs to you. At first these were herbal liquid extracts. Nowadays they are in the form of herbal capsules, like the homeopathic medications. The herbal supplements are all composed of Passiflora as it is an exceptional transmitter of energetic information. They are infused with healing energy for the specific individual. The herbs recommended for you are only for you and nobody else. One vial is sufficient for nearly 55 days and costs 50 reais (the local currency). It is the Entities that will decide if they will prescribe herbs to you and how many vials.

At the Casa you may also ask questions to the Entities. The question should certainly be of great importance to you. The Entities may be asked to help you break various kinds of addiction – alcohol, drugs, etc.

You may be recommended a session on a ‘crystal bed’. It is a bed with quartz crystals where the Entities work on you directly. These sessions help the body to balance, cleanse and purify, and restore its energy structure. One session costs 20 reais.

Blessed soup is served at the Casa and it is free of charge.

It will be good if you buy some ‘blessed water’ specially imbued with energy from the Entities. The information structure of this water is totally different and many people talk about its powerful healing effect. You can use it to make a cure. Write down on a piece of paper your full name, date of birth, and put down your signature. If, for some reason, you are unable to write, let someone else do it for you. Instead of your signature, you can affix your fingerprint. Attach the paper onto the bottle of water from João, which contains not less than 250 ml. Say a prayer asking the Entities to place energy inside and make it a cure for you. Wait for 15 minutes and add this quantity of 250 ml to a 6-litre bottle of water (mineral, spring), after having poured 250 ml out of it. Take the paper off and attach it firmly to the big bottle. In 24 hours the cure will be ready. Drink 30 ml three times a day, 15 minutes before a meal. It would be good if before each food intake you address the Entities in a prayer, expressing your gratitude, asking for healing, and describing your current state. Drink the healing water slowly in sips, imagining how it, as light, is flowing into each cell of your body and curing it. Remember that you can make a cure in this manner only if you have been at the Casa or at a seminar, or if your photograph has been sent for distant healing. You can make prophylactic water too. Put a few drops of João’s water in a bottle of mineral or spring water. Wait for 15 minutes and then you can drink. When you have nearly reached the bottom of the bottle, pour out the remaining water into a new bottle, etc, Keep João’s water in a refrigerator since the information it contains preserves its qualities longest at around 5° Celsius.

You may be recommended to go to the sacred waterfall which is in the vicinity of the Casa and has a profound healing effect. The Casa is located on land that has extremely powerful healing vibrations. The waterfall is called ‘The waterfall of Lazarus’ and is some 800 meters away from the Casa. You may visit the Sacred Waterfall only after you have obtained explicit permission from the Entities.

João recommends three prayers that you should say every day whilst at the Casa. It would also be good for you to say them every day when you are elsewhere.

The first one is the ‘Prayer of Caritas’

God, our Father, who is all power and goodness,
give strength to those who go through tribulations;
give light to those who seek the truth,
and fill the human heart with compassion and charity.
God, give a guiding star to the voyager,
consolation to the afflicted,
and rest to the sick.
Father! Give repentance to the guilty,
truth to the spirit,
guidance to the child and a father to the orphan.
Lord! May your goodness extend over everything that You have created.
Mercy, Lord, to those who do not know You
And hope to those who suffer.
May Your goodness allow the consoling spirits
to spread peace, hope, and faith everywhere.
God! A ray of light and a spark of Your love can inflame the Earth.
Let us drink from the fountains of this abundant and infinite goodness,
and all tears will be dried,
and all pain will be soothed.
A single heart, a single thought will rise to you,
like a cry of gratitude and love.
Like Moses on the mountain, we wait for You with open arms.
Oh! Goodness, oh! Beauty, oh! Perfection,
we wish in some way to deserve Your mercy.
God! Give us the strength to help progress so we may rise up to You:
give us pure charity;
give us faith and reason;
and give us the simplicity that will make our souls
the mirror that will reflect your image.

The second one is the ‘Lord's Prayer’ but in Aramaic:

O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos,
You create all that moves in light.
Focus your light within me - make it useful:
As rays of a beacon show the way.
Create your reign of unity now -
Through my fiery heart and willing hands.
Your one desire then acts with mine,
As in all light, so in all forms.
Grant what I need each day in bread and insight:
Subsistence for the call of growing life.
Loosen the cords of mistakes binding me,
As I release the strands hold of others' guilt.
Don't let surface things delude me,
But free me from
What holds me back from my true purpose.
From you is born all ruling will,
The power and the life to do,
The song that beautifies all,
From age to age it renews.
Truly - power to these statements -
May they be the source from which all my actions grow.
Sealed in trust and faith.

Тhe third one is the ‘Prayer of the Holy Mother’:

Holy Mother, whose body is Earth,
 may Your Being be sacred. May
Your gardens blossom and bear fruit,
 may Your Will be fulfilled in our cities and in Nature.
Thank You for this day, for the food, air and water.
Forgive our sins committed against Earth as we too are learning to forgive one another.
And do not let us disappear but save us from our unreason.
Yours is the Beauty and the Power, and all Life, from birth to death, from beginning to end.

So be it forever. May You be blessed!