What can we expect of the Seminars?

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The seminars must observe the law of the country where they are held. This year in Vienna the visible operations and the herbs were prohibited. This was confirmed one day before the beginning of the seminar and many people felt deceived. João de Deus was not to blame for that situation. To the very last moment the organisers had been trying to reach a compromising solution.

Numerous people attend the seminars and most of them have the feeling of being lost in the crowd. Actually, the Entities are capable of orchestrating all and can easily effect treatments even in such a situation, but only if you have immersed yourself in the energy field and you are in alignment with all that is happening. You must be as much concentrated as possible and be open to receive healing so that good communication can be established.

The disadvantage of these seminars is that they only last 3-4 days and an entrance fee must be paid. In Vienna this fee was 143 per day, including bank charges, which proved to be a hefty amount to many people who wanted to make that trip.

Sometimes the Entities demand that you go to Brazil. Do not be scared and do not think that you have a fatal disease. The Entities simply believe that you should plunge more deeply into the flow of healing energy at the Casa.