Violet Flame

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The Violet Flame is the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit that brings freedom and healing. The aura of the people who are mostly engaged in spiritual practices is predominantly violet. The Violet Flame is also the energy of compassion, forgiveness and transmutation.

The Violet Flame has been known to spiritual adepts for thousands of years. It was re-introduced by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and is the Seventh Ray of the Universal Consciousness. It has the power to transmute the disease-causing energies into Love and Light, to make us feel deep joy and wisdom which we need in overcoming life’s hurdles. Work with this flame attunes us to the pure cosmic energy of Love, Will and Wisdom. The Violet Flame helps us expel the toxins lodged in our cells and transmute the negative information from our present or past lives recorded in our etheric, mental and emotional bodies. The Entities, healing through Joao de Deus, work actively with this ray.

You can do the following meditation:

Find a quiet and comfortable place. Sit with your back straight if possible. Call upon your Guides, Guardians and Master Saint Germain to create a protection shield around you. Don’t forget to make such a protection shield. The Great Masters teach that when we radiate big light it will attract darkness like a magnet. Call upon Saint Germain to surround you harmoniously and in sync with the Violet Flame, reveal your divine essence and help you manifest it in your life. You could close your eyes to feel more comfortable. Visualise breathing in a violet flame, then breathing it out slowly and calmly filling every cell of your body with Joy, Love and Light. Breathe in, breathe out… Gradually the whole of your aura, then the room will be permeated with violet light.

Your upper chakras are now at work. The most active is your third eye emitting violet radiance. Touch with your right forefinger the centre of your forehead where your sixth chakra is projected. Now move your forefinger away and visualise a violet flame passing through your third eye when breathing out. You are breathing out with all your body, with every cell and like a flashlight your third eye is emitting beautiful gentle-violet energy. The chakra now is cleared and starts shining.


Invoke your active consciousness in these words: “In the name of I AM THAT I AM. In the name of the God of my being now I’m asking every cell of mine, all my atoms and electrons, my four bodily systems, all my ethereal systems, each and every particle of my life which I live in all dimensions and states of consciousness. I’m asking that they be filled with the miracles and splendour of the energy of the Violet Flame of Freedom and Love. I’m asking now that they be full and be replenished again and again 24 hours a day, every day of my life!"


Now concentrate on your heart. At the centre of your physical heart there lies anchored the Cosmic Mind. Visualise it as a small sparkling sphere of golden light. It holds the entire information of your divine essence. Calmly and slowly inhale the Violet Flame. Visualise how the gold sphere starts pulsating in sync with the Violet Flame sending forth to every cell of your body information that is necessary for your healing and which serves as a guiding light. All the tension built up in your body disappears bit by bit as it is transformed into Love, Wisdom and Light. Feel the great and indomitable power lying within you. It is your magic wand which, once mastered, will be able to work miracles. As soon as you feel inner peace, step into the role of a magician. Anchored in your heart’s core is the Triune Flame of the pure Cosmic Mind within you. Visualise a bright blue light flowing from your heart to the right half of your body. This is the energy of God’s Will. It enshrouds your right shoulder like a mantle running down to the earth. Then picture golden light starting from your heart running up and down through the centre of your body along the pranic tube (a vertical energy tube of around 5-6 cm in diameter passing all through your aura). This light is the divine Wisdom and Perfection. See this energy form a halo or a crown of golden light above your head. It is your permanent connection with God’s Wisdom. The third step for activation of the Triune Flame is letting the energy of Love flow over the left side of your body. Most people find this part more challenging. Be sure that if you find the strength to consciously forgive yourself, the people and situations that have caused you pain, you’ll be able to work with the energy of Love which is the greatest healing and creative power. Feel not only the power of the Triune Flame in action but also the joy of every cell. Try to sense and observe your aura from outside. You will notice that it is violet as a result of the blended harmonious vibration of the Blue, Golden, and Pink energy flows. Now you are able to generate the Violet Flame all by yourself bringing it out from your deep divine essence. It is not difficult to be Co-creators when we are filled with Love, Wisdom and Will. During this meditation every cell of your body is cleansed of any accumulated negativity and begins to vibrate in tune with the Triune Flame of the Cosmic Mind.


While you are being filled up with the energy of the Violet Flame you could also state your intention to embark, with Saint Germain and your Higher Self, on a journey to the Temple of the Violet Flame in the fifth dimension. This Temple is an ethereal fifth-dimensional physical structure which is open to all people all the time. Inside the Temple, there is a Violet fire burning nurtured by our and all living beings’ Love, Devotion and Blessing of Life, Humanity, the Planet and God.

This is the place where Master Saint Germain spends most of his time with his lovely companion Kwan Yin and the legions of Violet Flame Angels. It is from here that the Master sends forth and feeds the Earth with Divine Fire.

Go on inhaling as much energy as possible to supply your physical body with when you recover from the meditation.

Now you are in a spacious round room with a high ceiling and everything here is permeated with the presence of the Violet Flame. The walls are of pure violet amethyst, the floor is covered with smooth tiles of amethyst crystals of lighter shade. Passing along the amethyst walls you can notice many fires casting back violet gleams and creating an atmosphere of magical starry visions. The room is well lit. There are dozens of fountains of various forms and sizes diffusing all kinds of shades of violet and a magic interplay of sounds and gleams. The water fairies are delighting and taking part in this game play of energies and light. You can see and feel their joy. The fairies of light are playing too creating from the energy lovely flowers in all hues of white, golden and violet. You can see them welcoming and blessing you, inviting you to join in and share their happiness and bliss. You can see hosts of angels of the Violet Flame moving in your direction with Love and Reverence. You understand that the Great Flame of Love is cool and not burning. There are several chairs in the room. Choose one and place it where you can feel yourself most comfortable in the room. The chairs are made of pure violet crystal and a violet flame is burning beneath each chair. This flame is stirred up, grows bigger and gradually surrounds you.  In through your lower chakras it flows, infusing every cell of your body. Another flame is just above your head. This ray of divine light too comes through your crown chakra also flooding every cell of your body. Accept freely and consciously this energy into your heart. You are infused with the Violet Flame of Freedom like never before. Angels of the Violet Ray are flying around you pouring cups of violet fire and love into your energy body and field, and in the aspects of your life that need heeling. Each one of us will feel this differently, in our own individual and unique way. Go on breathing in prana and energy. Now you are standing before Master Saint Germain and his wife and beloved Kwan Yin. The Goddess of Compassion and Sympathy showers you with her love and imprints in you aura her flame of compassion, which is also the energy of the Seventh Ray. Concentrate on yourself and feel as much as you possibly can compassion for yourself and for the people you love. Ask that the energy of compassion and forgiveness penetrate in you and in everything and everybody for whose healing you are praying. Ask that it comes into your life. Allow the change that you wish for to happen! Linger in this state of bliss, tranquillity and harmony as long as you wish. Talk with Saint Germain and Kwan Yin; formulate your intention to be thoroughly healed, transformed and changed. State your wish to heal your past and present traumas. The room is filled with genuine healing energy and, while sitting and bathing in it, feel the waves of dark, negative energy in you and around you dissolve, fade and clear off. Feel the energies of the Violet Ray pouring over them and dissolving them; washing away all your problems, concerns, fears and pains. You begin to feel lighter, airy, exalted. Feel the peace and joy. The greater the joy you feel, the more at ease you will be. Allow Relief, Beauty, Love and Happiness fill you up and in every way possible. Go on breathing them in, feeling them, filling yourself up with them! Ask the Violet Flame to make a thorough change in all your bodies and at every level for your good. Sometimes it takes time before the request is fulfilled, a process of cleansing – yours, of your karma, events, states and relationships. Don’t rush – step by step work towards your triumph, towards your victory. Work for as long as necessary. When you feel ready, look around and you will discover something very important: there are beings of light for each of your requests or wishes – Teachers and Angels who are waiting and willing to help! Because Angels, your Teachers and all Light workers often stop at the Temple of the Violet Flame, especially those that are called upon to help people. They stop by to recharge and absorb the energy of the Violet Flame. As the unbalanced energy of humans and the planet “pollutes” their force fields they come to the Temple to cleanse and recuperate. I invite you to do the same. Stay in the Temple of the Violet Flame for as long as you wish and when you feel quite ready come back to your body in full consciousness.
Know that you are most welcome to the Temple in the fifth dimension any time. At any and all times will the doors be open for you! The Great Master Saint Germain will always be there. Together with his Angels they will always be ready to receive and love you, and will run to your aid in every appropriate way possible. Because helping and serving you are their greatest privilege and joy!

Finish you mantra: