Joao de Deus accused of sex abuse

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I Am Carmen Lazarova, and I Am guid to the Casa of Don Ignacio. Terrified I learned about the behavior of John of God ! I distance myself from his non-moral behavior. I stand behind all the women who have been mistreated and humiliated and pray that God will help them to find the broken Faith again. I stand, however, with Entities, who have always helped mankind. Joao de Deus came to this world to purify a huge karma and to exalt himself spiritually . Unfortunately, he failed because the good done can not replace the evil done. I pray for this poor man torn by great lusts to find strength and apologize to the millions of people who believed him. The Law of Karma is irrevocable and we all pay for our own mistakes.

I remind you that the Entities, leaders of mankind, have no fault of the behavior of the medium. They have always been and will be with each of us to help us. . I guess the time has come for people to make personal contact with Don Ignazio de Loyola, doctor Augusto de Alameida and the other Entities of Casa de Don Ignazio, and John of God to withdraw from the Case so that the needy and their real healers, the Entities, to continue to communicate without an intermediary. This is the house of Don Ignacio and the spirits. It was built and paid with thousands of sick money donated.

What can we expect of the Seminars?

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The seminars must observe the law of the country where they are held. This year in Vienna the visible operations and the herbs were prohibited. This was confirmed one day before the beginning of the seminar and many people felt deceived. João de Deus was not to blame for that situation. To the very last moment the organisers had been trying to reach a compromising solution.

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How do the Entities help us through João de Deus?

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The Entities work in several ways :

  • directly at the Casa;
  • at seminars during João’s travels abroad;
  • and at a distance through a photograph.

What kind of help can we receive at the Casa?

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From experience I found out that we had best travel to Brazil for three weeks. In this way you can take nine healing sessions, and you are immersed in a completely different world where over these three weeks you could thoroughly change your world view and perspective on life. The first thing that you lose at the Casa is the fear of death and the feeling of unprotectedness. The people experience peacefulness, emanate harmony, and release enough thought energy which can work in a positive creative manner. The majority of people feel they are being in contact with the Entities all the time.

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The causes of diseases

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Today even traditional medicine admits that not less than 75% of all diseases are psychosomatic, i.e. they have both physical, and emotional or mental causes.

There have always been people trying to give metaphysical explanations for all diseases and ailments, i.e. to attribute them to factors acting outside the physical plane.

Diseases come for two main reasons: one is physical – unhealthy eating habits and wrong breathing; and the other one is psychic – negative thoughts and emotions.

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